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Women Leaders Podcast

Jun 20, 2021

In this podcast, Patti Phillips share an engaging conversation with the director of athletics at Gannon University, Lisa Goddard McGuirk.

Lisa’s experience highlights the power of a growth mindset on a career path—including a not-quite linear one. She is a firm believer in figuring things out, and says there is always a solution to everything.

Raised on a farm, where helping with chores was imperative—and in a family and community that wholeheartedly supported her love of sports—Lisa learned about being resourceful and believing in herself. That drive has sustained her through an inspiring career spanning coaching, teaching, and being an athletic director at three institutions, with stints in all three NCAA divisions.

Lisa humbly shares how she vaulted from coaching to the athletic director's chair—despite never having previously held a position in administration. She emphasizes the importance of transferable skills, a willingness to see various perspectives, and a collaborative work style. She shares that being able to communicate about skills and passion in the interview process can ensure advancement. Lisa also touches on finding an institution that is the right fit and balancing life as a parent, both key elements in her continued success.

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