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Women Leaders Podcast

Dec 10, 2017

We are very excited about this conversation with Joni Comstock, the senior vice president of championships at the NCAA, and ex-officio member of the Women Leaders Board of Directors.

Joni talks about the impact her parents had early in her life, when they stressed the importance of education, commitment to community, and a strong Midwest work ethic—which are all values that have served Joni throughout her career. She has a wide range of experience, taking on coaching jobs, athletics administration positions, and eventually landing the top seat as director of athletics at UNC Asheville and American University. In 2006, Joni left the campus experience to join the NCAA National Office as senior vice president and SWA. Today, as the senior VP of championships, she oversees 84 NCAA championships and 69 sports committees, along with many other duties that are too numerous to list! Multiple times throughout our chat, Joni reminds us to “step in!” to new opportunities, which she’s done throughout her career. She’s proof that an open-minded, motivated attitude like that will serve us well in our jobs and in our lives!

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