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Women Leaders Podcast

Dec 24, 2017

Patti Phillips talks with Jill Bodensteiner, the senior associate athletics director at the University of Notre Dame…Go Irish!

Like many of you, Jill’s journey in athletics was not necessarily a straight one. She jokes that at the age of six she had both a legal bug and a basketball bug—but despite playing some hoops in high school, the legal route eventually won out. She headed to South Bend to complete her undergrad degree, then received her JD at to Washington University in St. Louis, which kicked off a career in employment law. It was after “one of those lunches that changes your career,” Jill says, that she was offered a position at her alma mater, and back to South Bend she went, and has stayed for the past 20 years.

Jill shares how working with wonderful mentors paved her career path. Her insights on remaining rooted in values, serving others, and being authentically you are inspiring—and we know you’ll be wowed by her determination and incredible ability to invest in people and give back.

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