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Women Leaders Podcast

Mar 18, 2018

Chris Plonsky is a true trailblazer! She’s the director of women’s athletics at the University of Texas and a past president of Women Leaders. She’s spent more than three decades working in intercollegiate athletics, having started as a media relations assistant and spending the majority of her years at one of the biggest brands in college sports, UT. As the long-time women’s athletic director, she has hired and fired coaches, been a part of several national championships in numerous sports, and was a key figure in getting the Longhorn Network started. She has also worked with and for many of the industry greats, like Donna Lopiano and Dave Gavitt, and she can still rattle off names and dates like the best SID!

Chris is a Longhorn through and through, and her deep passion for developing student-athletes and her belief in the importance of higher education, is inspiring.

Enjoy our conversation, and remember, We Are Women Leaders!