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Women Leaders Podcast

Nov 4, 2018

Today, we’re thrilled to talk with athletic director at the University of Washington, and current Women Leaders board member Jen Cohen!

Jen grew up loving UW athletics, particularly football. In fact, she became a pen pal—yup, she wrote actual letters—with the famous Husky football coach Don James as an elementary-school student. The precocious kid announced she would coach Husky football one day—Coach James wrote her back, which set Jen on the path that led her to the UW athletic director chair. And as you know, she is currently one of just five female athletic directors at the Power 5 level!

Jen shares so many tips on leadership here: how working in different departments on campus can be so beneficial in positioning yourself for leadership, the importance of being a consistent culture maintainer, how to bloom where you are planted, what she thinks are key qualities of leaders, and so much more.

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