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Women Leaders Podcast

Dec 30, 2018

We’re excited today to talk with athletic director at Grand Valley State University, Keri Becker!

Keri’s athletics story began when she was a softball player at Saginaw Valley State University. “Softball chose [her],” she says, and it became a huge part of her life’s story. In fact, she coached for 15 years at her alma mater’s conference rival, Ferris State University. Another huge part of Keri’s story is her service to our country: She grew up in a military family, and as a sophomore in college, she signed up for the Army reserves. In 2003, she reported for active duty and served in Iraq for a year—and we are so grateful for her service.

Be sure to listen as Keri speaks candidly about navigating her deployment while still holding her coaching job, and also how she eventually transitioned from coaching into administration—which, took her to yet another rival institution, Grand Valley State!

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