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Women Leaders Podcast

Mar 8, 2020

On the most recent episode of the Women Leaders Podcast, Patti Phillips is joined by Erin Lind, commissioner of the Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference.

Erin is one of very few in the industry who has spent her entire career—and beyond—at or in the same conference. Starting as a student-athlete within the NCIS, Erin has masterfully advanced all the way to the top by evolving and developing her skills, serving others, and intentionally positioning herself as a leader.

Listen in to learn how Erin earned the trust and respect of her staff after her transition from the #2 spot to the #1 spot by setting clear expectations and understanding the journey of those she leads—because as Erin says, “You have to know your people to lead your people.”

Erin shares tips on how to know when and where to flex as a leader, how to blend your work and home life, and the importance of collaboration in leadership.

I hope you enjoy our conversation, and remember, we are Women Leaders!

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