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Women Leaders in Sports Podcast

Nov 29, 2020

In this podcast, Patti Philips is joined by Director of Athletics at Montana State University-Billings, Krista Montague.

The first female athletic director at MSU-Billings AND at a NCAA institution in the state of Montana, Krista has spent her entire career in athletics supporting and pouring her heart into the community that helped to shape her. We talk about how the journey from staff, to interim AD, to Athletic Director has contributed to her now 22-year career at MSU-Billings.

I love this story about Krista’s early introduction to sports – which came when she was able to shadow her grandfather, who chose to coach girls basketball at a time when girls and women were just beginning to have the opportunity to play. Her time at practices, on the bench, and on the bus really shaped her love of the sport, and she went on to earn a scholarship to play at MSU-Billings – and by the way, her daughter plays there now as well!

In our conversation, Krista shares her thoughts about how women feel pressured to choose between career and family, but explains that it is possible to have both!

We also talked about her leadership philosophy, which includes the importance of being a good listener, meeting people where they are, and setting expectations but then getting out of the way and letting people do their work.

There lots of great insights here! I hope you enjoy our conversation and remember; we are Women Leaders!

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