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Women Leaders Podcast

Sep 12, 2021

In this podcast, Patti Phillips shares an uplifting conversation with Diana Sabau, the new Deputy Commissioner/Chief Sports Officer at the Big Ten Conference.

Diana recently shifted to the Big Ten after 27 years at The Ohio State University, where she started as an intern after college. Despite her unique longevity at one institution, change is one of Diana’s life mantras. She always finds ways to change, grow, and move forward—and to do so, she reminds us that performance predicts promotions. She has relied on taking advantage of opportunities, taking risks with bold innovations, and leaning into bright colleagues, trusting them to carry the water with her.

Diana admits that when she was young and impatient, she didn’t know what she wasn’t ready for. She learned to value relationships, her energy and its impact, and the process of developing trust over time, which often happens by listening rather than doing. You’ll hear how Diana’s long stint at Ohio State helped shaped how she shows up every day—and put her in the right position for her newest role.

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