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Women Leaders Podcast

Feb 4, 2018

At the NCAA Convention this past January, Patti Phillips caught up with Carla Williams, the director of athletics at the University of Virginia, and the first female African-American athletics director to lead a Power Five Conference institution – which is incredible!

During her time as a standout women’s basketball student-athlete at the University of Georgia, Carla volunteered in the athletics department and her career in administration was born. She went on to be an assistant coach at Georgia during one of the most successful periods in women's basketball history (including a run for the national championship!). It’s truly fascinating that Carla knew she wanted to transition to athletic administration while she was coaching and used this platform as an opportunity to learn as much as she could about the many angles of administration, which became a reoccurring theme in Carla’s journey – be a lifelong learner!

Carla is an incredibly hard worker, whose advice is "be the best at your job.” This is what we tell all of you, our members, at our summer institutes and at Convention. You have to be a rock star, and Carla absolutely is.

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