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Women Leaders Podcast

Mar 4, 2018

We can’t wait for you to listen to Patti Phillips’ conversation with Lori Hendricks, the director of athletics at her alma mater, Mount Holyoke College, and a current Women Leaders board member. Lori and Patti go way back to their days at the NCAA with some other names you might know.

Lori was a three-sport athlete at Mount Holyoke—competing in cross country, and both indoor and outdoor track and field. After graduation, she taught and coached in South Africa, worked at the NCAA national office, earned her Ph.D. from the University of Michigan, and eventually landed back at in sports administration at Mount Holyoke.

Lori is truly a champion of women leaders—when asked about mentoring, she succinctly explains that great mentors make you visible. We love that, and should all strive to do this for one another!

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